What are the Best Strategy Game Titles?

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When was the first video strategy game ever made? Opinion is divided but we know for sure that they evolved from games such as chess and war games using model soldiers that have been played for centuries.

Since that time, you can no longer count the number of strategy games that have been made. It is safe to assume that there are thousands of them, where each simulates different kinds of fighting depicting the reasons that humans fight one another.

If you have been playing video games for a while you have at least heard or even played the games Civilization and StarCraft – these two titles are amongst the most popular. But it might be that these titles are not the only ones considered to be the best. Here are some titles worth putting in your time and effort to play.

Civilization VI

While the previous franchise was the most streamlined among the Civilization series, Civilization VI is considered the most spectacular. This game is the 25th anniversary addition wherein it shows the sterile condition of the previous iterations in favor of introducing a brave new soundtrack and look. This is a testament to how Sid Meier and the studio he works with strive to constantly improve the game and push the boundaries. Civilization VI has dug up a number of the most amazing additions from the Community Balance Patch of its predecessor while pushing forward with these great new and offbeat ideas – builders expire after reaching 3 turns and cities that expand through several tiles.

Offworld Trading Company

This strategy game is right at the other end of the spectrum from the game Civilization VI, though both games were designed by the same person. While Civilization is more about spanning the history, some points of where humanity’s future is going to lie and documenting mankind’s progress; this game focuses more on making a fortune through exploiting its reddish neighbor, Mars.

This is an RTS game minus the micro-management. Victory is achieved not by demolishing bases with tanks and armies. The weapons used in this game are cash and resources; wherein you manipulate the market not only to get rich but to dominate your competitors completely. This is possible if you have made a temporary alliance with your rivals.

While this game may not bring out your aggressiveness as in war games, OTC, however, encourages the player to be hostile like a warmonger. When you are eyeing up menus and planning out what you are going to build next, items to sell, or if it is the right time to take over another company, the gameplay is as thrilling as when you are sending your infantry through the fields surrounded with artillery or a launching air strikes against the enemy stronghold as in the game of StarCraft.

Are these all the strategy games worth trying out? of course not. There are still other games worth playing such as the titles Stellaris, Ashes of the Singularity, XCOM 2 and Total War: Shogun 2.

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