Things you didn’t know about gaming

Things you didn’t know about gaming

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gaming facts imageFrom their first appearance video games were always interesting and entertaining to people; first, there were simple low-quality video games which were equally enjoyable as the ones we have today.

With time video games and technology got a lot better, and now you can even experience virtual reality.

Playing video games is a big part of everyday life nowadays, it has become almost impossible imagining life without it. No matter the age, everyone from toddler to pensioner can find the perfect video game for themselves.

During their development, technology and gaming passed through many different phases that led to the video games we have today.

During that development, many exciting gaming facts were discovered (such as the fact that gaming has multiple benefits for your psychological, social and overall health) and many anecdotes were written.

The sensitivity to movements you acquire throughout playing games can help you a lot in the real life. Fast decision-making possibilities, multitasking and navigating, are just some of the stuff gaming can improve.

Parents usually love to blame video games for their children’s unusual behavior, but you will be glad to know that it wasn’t always like that. When video games weren’t so popular, parents found something else to blame, one of these things was Dungeons and Dragons.

Some video games were developed according to real life events. Assassin’s Creed is one of them, every main character you kill is based on a real life person, just as the time and place of their murder.

Laws and regulations affecting gaming aren’t a common thing, but South Korea considers gaming a far-reaching activity, this is why it is unlawful for kids under 16 to play games after midnight. Which might be a good idea, that way kids can play games, but they will still be ready for school in the morning.

Brazil also has an interesting tax law concerning gaming; this country determined 120 percent taxes for any video game played since an old legislation considers it to be gambling.

gamers image 2Gamers are often emotionally connected to the video game characters. Some can even fall in love with those attractive female characters, some, however, love them as their kids. Robin Williams loved gaming so much that his children carry the names of game characters. Zelda and Cody, unique names for sure.

Whilst we are speaking of Robin, game designers found a way to fight depression. SPARX is a video game created to help fight this insidious disease, and recent studies showed it has better results than counseling.

Many parents are worried that gaming can cause violence; however, it isn’t entirely accurate. Gaming is said to have stress-relief benefits, making gamers calm and reasoned people.

However, we cannot say that gaming never caused violence, just the opposite, a 46-year-old man attacked a 13-year-old boy for killing him too many times in Call of Duty, and this happened not so long ago in 2011.

This case isn’t the only one, but we can surely say that games weren’t a trigger for this kind of behavior, so enjoy your games and don’t worry, violence cases like this are very rare.



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The Most Important Features Of A Laptop

The Most Important Features Of A Laptop

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computer equipment imageThe quest to find a good piece of computer equipment can be a tricky task, simply because the many options can be overwhelming and even frustrating, especially if the buyer is not entirely certain about what exactly he or she needs.

A lot of manufacturers and a lot of dealers are offering their products, and an ordinary customer can get confused by the vast amount of options, features, and specifications.

Buying a new laptop is a lot like that, and this “operation” can be completed in a successful manner only if you take the time to read a lot about the products and consider the most important attributes of laptop computers.

 Laptops are still growing in popularity, and the appearance of smartphones and tablets did not put the existence of portable computers in danger, as some “experts” have predicted.

Portability and the versatile nature of these machines are what makes them useful to people, and as long as they are needed and helpful – people will buy them.

However, not all laptops are the same, and the current technological market is crowded with companies that produce their own models and configurations. But, choosing a reputable brand is probably the best option, and this may be slightly expensive, but the investment will certainly prove wise in the long run.

Besides buying a branded laptop, there are other things to consider when buying one. For example, your new laptop should fit your budget, and this is one of the first checkpoints that you have to go through.

Finding a few candidates in your price range is a good way to go, and then later you can narrow the search in accordance to your needs and the performance of the device. Laptops can be very cheap and affordable, but some high-end machines can set you back a couple of thousand even.

computer equipment second imageAfter you have found some potential “candidates,” check if the size and weight of the laptop will suit your needs. It will be pointless, and extremely frustrating if you buy a laptop that is too heavy for your lap, and you only want to surf the web and check your friends Facebook page.

The same can be said if you buy a small machine, and you keep watching every possible episode of your favorite TV show on the small screen.

The performance of the laptop is important, of course, and you will have to consider the speed of the processor, the size of RAM or the capacity of your hard drive before making a purchase.

Having a fast and efficient machine is imperative if you use your laptop for work, but even if your plan on using it for some other activity – a responsive and reliable computer is a blessing.

Also, laptops nowadays come with all sorts of “extras”, and customers who want the perfect laptop should check if their new tech toy has all the necessary additions, such as USB ports, cameras, Wireless connection, and so on.

In the end, good looks matter as well, so your laptop should be attractive and as ergonomic as possible.

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Our Experience With DomiNations Hack

Our Experience With DomiNations Hack

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Games |

DomiNations Hack top imageIn this blog post, I want to address an important issue that is neglected by many DomiNations players and that issue is a simple question – is this a pay to win the game?

There are many games on the market that are made with just one goal in mind – how to take an extra dollar from your pocket. Unfortunately, in my opinion, DomiNations is one of those, and I will try to explain why I think this.

Resources, give me resources

If you are a new player, you probably think that DomiNations is interesting strategic game. Well, it is not! It is not strategic at all, it is a resource management game, where you will spend most of your time trying to collect enough resources for some upgrade.

If you are more combat oriented like I am, you will not like that at all. Do not get me wrong, I love this game, but I do not like to gather resources, it is boring. I like battles and raiding, but when it comes to resource management, I hate it. Unfortunately, it seems that game is made just to force you to spend real money, and that is too lame.

How I found a solution?

Fortunately, a friend of mine sends me a link to this tool, a tool that can generate resources in the game. I was hesitating at beginning, but he assured me that this tool works, and it sure does! This tool is awesome; you can generate unlimited amounts of resources in the game and forget about that aspect of the game!

I was so pleased when I tried this. Finally, I was able to create my ideal army and enjoy in a game on my way! Therefore, I want to share my experience with you, so that you may benefit from using these DomiNation cheats.

DomiNations Hack final imageUsage and Safety Issues?

Yes, I know, we are all concerned about safety, etc. Well, let me be honest, I am concerned about saving the money in my pocket, you know what I mean. First of all, this tool is safe; I’ve tested it, no problems at all.

You just need to download this tool, and after you start the application you need to enter your username and nothing else! After the download, I scanned DomiNations Hack with Kaspersky Antivirus. Kaspersky found nothing, so the hack tool is safe and reliable.

The next step is to enter the desired amount of any resource in the game, and that is all. Within few minutes, you will get resources added to your account! Simply great!

It is free!

Yes, yes, yes, DomiNations Hack is free guys! It is almost unbelievable, but it is true, and it works. It works. You can find an additional explanation there on a site about dedicated servers and so on, I did not analyze that stuff much, but it works.

Finally, I may enjoy the game without endless resource management. I do not want to advocate anything here, I am just sharing my experience with this tool, if you want to try it and leave a comment. Get your DomiNations free crowns now:

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Born To Be Wild – Battleborn Game Review

Born To Be Wild – Battleborn Game Review

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Review By AGG:

After a couple of years of work, the acclaimed Gearbox Studio comes with the new title – Battleborn! They are trying to jump into the crowded grounds of MOBA games, and they do so in there own way, with charisma and colorful designs. Let’s find out if the experiment has brought the desired results!

The Story or where is the Sun?

Needless to say that the narrative premise of the title is the least original within the panorama of the world’s entertainment industry. The darkness took control of almost all of the boundless space, but a single star still shines in the sky. So, basically that is the reason for a fight for the series of characters, each one with its own characteristics, solidly seeking to restore peace and harmony! The plot is told through eight chapters that correspond with other missions and prologue.

Is it a new kind of MOBA?

Since the time of the announcement, it was clear that Gearbox wanted to build specific MOBA style – the first-person shooter MOBA game. The difficulty of such an operation is found in impossibility to get a view from the top of the map and simultaneously manage the gunfights. From this point of view, the game is at the same time successful and frustrating. There is still some contradiction, it is a mix of different genres, but it is the pure reality of the facts. The game have two sides, the funny, PvE, with a degree of challenge to the higher levels of difficulty, but it is plagued by a series of absolutely questionable design choices. From the other side, PvP is focused to find a balance between the various heroes.

Three modes – an interesting mix

The game comes in three modes: Fusion, Raid and Capture, but they need fine tuning. It’s great to meet up with your friends to play in the same team and at the same time, but it is discouraging to realize that having less than two or three companions, will mean that you will be forced to choose a lower difficulty level, otherwise you may run into certain death. The Capture mode, as the name implies, requires you to control a variable number from one to three areas, and the first team that reaches 1000 points wins. This is, in the strict sense, the least MOBA mode within the game, more like a classic shooter. The Raid mode offers classic MOBA experience where you must advance on the map towards the opposing area, making sure to destroy everything in your path. The last mode, Fusion, represents a middle ground between the two types, revealing some fresh and original ideas. The solitary work is what pays less in Battleborn, as well as in all other competitive team games. The last element is the ability to create sets of optional equipment; you need to purchase such items in the game.

Let the game begin!

From the technical point of view, the game is very different from Borderlands in the design of the characters, but it’s still very varied and each of twenty-five characters radiates energy and charisma from each pixel. At the end of the day, if you want a break from a classic MOBA and FPS titles, a Battleborn is a perfect choice.

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Redeem Your Soul – Dark Soul 3 Is Finally Here!

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Main imageWith an extensive level design, exciting combat, and masterful unintended storytelling make Dark Souls 3 the best Dark Souls game yet. The extra devotion in Dark Souls 3 could have just been a modest improvement, but the game offers much more through every detail — music, sound, animation, design, item descriptions, dialogue – elements served with more frequency and delicacy than ever before. Be prepared for 50-plus hours of edgy action, firm death, awe-inspiring investigation, and vast, dreary, lovely questions.
Stained only by hardly any performance mistakes, Dark Souls 3 is the most intensive, compelling game in the series, one of the most absorbing, consistent games I’ve ever played. What makes Dark Souls 3 so great? The exciting, demanding difficult boss battles and challenging combat are the base of the game, but the opacity of the world and storytelling language are the essence that fills an outstanding third-person action RPG with epic realism.
Prepare to die! Often!
Dark Souls 3 offers a strict system that covers every venture into new territory with hesitation. Dying in the game means instant resurrection at the camp and loss of all souls, in other words you will need to go back to find them before you can advance. That means that you will spend most of the game with your shield up, preserving your precious, collected souls. In other words, extremely cautious play is rewarded in Dark Soul 3, many enemies can appear simultaneously, so be prepared for challenging battles. The game sets up messy arenas with attacks that are much faster than preceding Dark Souls games, changing the attention to chaotic crowd control.
Where is my Bow?
Equipping items or matching consumables can be an awkward enigma. You will find more than sixty weapons, fifty armor sets, and about eighty rings in your first playthrough, so it can be a really chaotic experience. You can play around with magic and buffs, area of effect spells and magic missiles, or you can rely on bows that are much more viable this time. The gigantic volume of variability in character creation is hard to understand, which is particularly exciting for fans of the real RPG games.
The journey of the Soul
The camera feels much better than in earlier Dark Souls games, but since death comes so easily, its twists are still annoying. Dark Souls’ exertion has always been in service of creating an atmosphere of anguish and anxiety, rather than being hard for the sake of “good old gameplay” style. In this new edition, Dark Souls 3 plays with design hurling a few less interesting, but more technically flawless opponents into the stage. Bosses in the game are engaging, challenging, animated with aggressiveness and grace, and notched by a perfect musical tune that promote emotional background.
Dark Souls 3 utilizes the same gameplay mechanics as previous games to tell a mysterious and very vague story, but this time the game offers an extraordinary experience. It is a really fascinating game that builds an entire history and an outstanding world through an absolute density of hidden information and pure action.

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5 Games That Have Just Been Released!

5 Games That Have Just Been Released!

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Things have become so much more interesting in the technology and gaming world with the release of all these amazing games! In addition to that, no matter which platform you use, you will have a blast, since many of the games are released for Xbox, PS4 and PC! Let’s see which five exciting games have just been released!

  1. Dark Souls III

darksouls1280jpg-98f75c_1280wIf you are a fan of the Dark Souls franchise, you will thrill with the fact that we are able to play the latest addition to the Dark Souls family. It has a similar gameplay as Dark Souls 2, however it does have fewer maps which are interconnected. This is mainly done as a way to encourage exploration. The game has been already released on April 12 and in this very brief time it has managed to captivate a lot of attention in the gaming world.

  1. Quantum Break

cover_quantum_break_microsoftThis game has been released in April for Xbox One, as well as PC and it certainly has received a lot of attention, mainly due to its interesting concept of being a video game that follows a popular TV series. The game will captivate your attention, as the story is very interesting and it just grips you.

  1. Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS)

The sequel to Bravely Defauly 3DS is equally fantastic, which has been confirmed by many reviews since its release on April 15. The game continues two and a half years after the first game, with Tiz Arrior awakening from a coma. Magnolia Arch, who rescues Tix, Yew Genelogia, Edea Lee and Tiz team up to search for the latest leader who has been abducted – Agnes Oblige. This is certainly one of the best 3DS games which are available in the market and it is certainly worth playing.

  1. Rachet & Clank

rcps4_mainEven though this game is only for PS4, since its debut on April 12, it has certainly attracted a lot of compliments. Namely, the gameplay looks amazing, as it tries to capture some of the appeal we have seen in the Insomniac’s series. The game also contains many of the gameplay elements from different games and includes brand new weapons. One very cool weapon in the game is certainly the Pixielizer, which helps you by turning your opponents into 8-bit renditions of themselves. According to some people, Rachet & Clank has everything in the right order so that it can become the best game of the year, but we will have to wait for the end of 2016 to see about that.

  1. Star Fox Zero

It’s not all fun and games this April, and there are a few games that are so-so. For all those who play Wii U, this game is certainly something new that they can try on their platforms, however the graphics make it look a lot similar to StarFox 64. Still, you can give it a go, since it is probably a step up from Star Fox Guard, which was more of an experiment – if you know what I mean.

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