Bloodborne – Much more than a Dark Souls copy

Bloodborne – Much more than a Dark Souls copy

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img-2Dark Souls franchise brought back gameplay that requires skill rather than being just another straightforward RPG (role playing game) on the market. Indeed, the market is full of games that are easy and in which the developer was afraid to present a challenge to players for fear of losing the audience. Dark Souls games aren’t like that, they are hard and unforgiving. Every mistake you make will probably result in your death and the loss of souls (currency).

Bloodborne follows in the steps of the Dark Souls franchise, and it delivers a hard game that requires skill and dedication. But the hard gameplay is not everything this game has to offer. Like Dark Souls, it has captivating level creation as well as an excellent storyline that will force you to play the game several times.


Welcome to hell, enjoy your stay

The developers of this game entered a tried & tested market, and they brought a game that had an audience before it was released. The Dark Souls franchise created a market for games that are tough and challenging, and Bloodborne entered that market with a similar and yet different gameplay.

In this game, you start in a town infected by a disease that turns people in werewolves. You are alone, and you just woke up and already there are some townsfolk out to kill you. They aren’t normal as they have started their process of transformation. The atmosphere of the whole game starts there, and it continues being dark until the end. The game leans on horror genre to present you a dying world full of monsters.

This game is very different from the majority of titles you will find. Once you enter the world of Bloodborne, you will notice a pattern of clues that will lead you through the game. You might find these in the surroundings or in the discussions of the people (those that aren’t after you).


img-3A game that doesn’t hold the players’ hand

Bloodborne is famous for its level of difficulty. It brings back classic difficulty levels which punish mistakes with the death of the character. Once you die you have to respawn at the last save location, and you have to fight the enemies once again, as they respawn as well.

Dying ten times in one area is not uncommon, even for the more experienced players. Every new area has its enemies, and you have to learn their moves, and you have to find a way to eliminate them without taking hits. Your character has a block and dodges (roll) abilities, but they won’t do you any good against several of the enemies.

If you go on Youtube and watch Bloodborne gameplay, then you might think that this is just another button-smash RPG game. Well, it does look like that, but the gameplay of this game is much more. Every move the player makes is the difference between life and death. Let a monster hit you once or twice, and you are dead.  Death brings loss and it forces you to face those enemies once again

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