Bloodborne – Much more than a Dark Souls copy

Bloodborne – Much more than a Dark Souls copy

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img-2Dark Souls franchise brought back gameplay that requires skill rather than being just another straightforward RPG (role playing game) on the market. Indeed, the market is full of games that are easy and in which the developer was afraid to present a challenge to players for fear of losing the audience. Dark Souls games aren’t like that, they are hard and unforgiving. Every mistake you make will probably result in your death and the loss of souls (currency).

Bloodborne follows in the steps of the Dark Souls franchise, and it delivers a hard game that requires skill and dedication. But the hard gameplay is not everything this game has to offer. Like Dark Souls, it has captivating level creation as well as an excellent storyline that will force you to play the game several times.


Welcome to hell, enjoy your stay

The developers of this game entered a tried & tested market, and they brought a game that had an audience before it was released. The Dark Souls franchise created a market for games that are tough and challenging, and Bloodborne entered that market with a similar and yet different gameplay.

In this game, you start in a town infected by a disease that turns people in werewolves. You are alone, and you just woke up and already there are some townsfolk out to kill you. They aren’t normal as they have started their process of transformation. The atmosphere of the whole game starts there, and it continues being dark until the end. The game leans on horror genre to present you a dying world full of monsters.

This game is very different from the majority of titles you will find. Once you enter the world of Bloodborne, you will notice a pattern of clues that will lead you through the game. You might find these in the surroundings or in the discussions of the people (those that aren’t after you).


img-3A game that doesn’t hold the players’ hand

Bloodborne is famous for its level of difficulty. It brings back classic difficulty levels which punish mistakes with the death of the character. Once you die you have to respawn at the last save location, and you have to fight the enemies once again, as they respawn as well.

Dying ten times in one area is not uncommon, even for the more experienced players. Every new area has its enemies, and you have to learn their moves, and you have to find a way to eliminate them without taking hits. Your character has a block and dodges (roll) abilities, but they won’t do you any good against several of the enemies.

If you go on Youtube and watch Bloodborne gameplay, then you might think that this is just another button-smash RPG game. Well, it does look like that, but the gameplay of this game is much more. Every move the player makes is the difference between life and death. Let a monster hit you once or twice, and you are dead.  Death brings loss and it forces you to face those enemies once again

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The Amazing Evolution Of Video Games

The Amazing Evolution Of Video Games

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image-1Many gamers who are currently involved in battling their way through a first-person shooter game or have problems solving a complicated mission in an adventure-based video game, may have problems imagining what the first video games looked like.

Even though only half a century has passed since the invention of the first games, the technology and the quality of video games has improved so much that the differences are astonishing.

However, the progress of gaming can be traced through some of the most important events that happened over the years, and fast as it may be – the evolution of gaming can still be “dissected” into small pieces.

The ancestors of gaming consoles and video games did not resemble the machines and software that we have today, not even a little bit, but the basic concept was the same – to provide entertainment and to “kill some free time”. Admittedly, the first computers were solely focused on research, but creative minds have found a way around this, and the games started to appear in the 1950s and 60s.

This period saw the rise of computer technology, and the machines that were once rare and giant could now be found in universities, corporations, and research facilities. As a matter of fact, a “guy” from MIT, called Steve Russell, created one of the first commercial video games ever, and his game called “Space war!” appeared in 1962.

However, gaming could not prosper and thrive if it wasn’t available to millions of people in their homes, and things started to move in this direction in the late 1960s. Ralph Baer created the first gaming system for home use, and this machine was first known as “Brown Box”, but later the name was changed to “Magnavox Odyssey.”

Ping-pong and some similar style games could be played on these gaming consoles, but the foundation of Atari in 1972 was another step forward in the evolution of electronic gaming. Nolan Bushnell founded the company, and games like “Pong” or “Space Invaders” became a symbol of American culture of the 1970s and 80s.

Arcade gaming was tremendously popular at that time, and the boom in popularity saw the birth of well-known gaming magazines and publications as well.

image-2The availability of personal computers was the next big step forward, and video games experienced a giant increase in popularity when machines like Commodore 64 or Apple II appeared on the market.

Nintendo and Sega were also highly influential in the late 80s and during the 90s, but Windows95 and the Internet revolution changed the face of gaming forever. Multiplayer games added another dimension to playing video games, and the excitement and entertainment levels were boosted to the max.

Popular titles from the late 90s and the start of the 2000s, such as Quake or Doom, perfectly illustrate the trend of that time, i.e. the desire to be connected with friends and play video games together but not by being in the same room. Mobile gaming is the next step, and we just have to wait and see what kind of changes will this new revolution bring to the world of video games.

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Twisted Metal Black Game Review

Twisted Metal Black Game Review

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image 2Twisted Metal was a large part of my childhood. I remember that I had a black case filled with PlayStation games and every once in a while I would take a look and play them.

I had the classic games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Rayman, but I also had Twisted Metal. In retrospect, I can look back and honestly say that the first Twisted Metal wasn’t exactly the best.

I’ll be honest with you, the nostalgia of them and the imagination I apparently once had is what made the first installment playable. I went ahead and bought Twisted Metal 2 and three as well, and I can tell you that they aren’t anything worth jumping up and down about either.

I think it was all about what they meant to me and the idea of them that interested me. I don’t think it had anything to do with them being tremendous experiences as video-games but because of their interesting visuals and the colorful characters. 

Twisted Metal: Black was the first installment in the franchise that I would full-heartedly refer to as a solid video-game overall. The characters were enticing, and the cut-scenes were some of the most impressionable aspects of the franchise for me.

When I finally bit the bullet and bought a PlayStation 3 after having a Xbox 360 for a couple of years, one of the first games I decided to buy was Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. I suppose I wanted to have new experiences with the killer clown Sweet Tooth and friends but with enhanced graphics and hopefully a more focused narrative.

image 3This installment marks a lot of changes in the franchise and a lot of improvements if you ask me. Besides some of the more immediate elements such as graphical enhancement, Twisted Metal PS3 offers up many more options to choose from.

Previous installments kept with the roots and nothing more whereas the latest installment offers up tracks for races to allow a much needed occasional detour to the regular shooting, explosions and so on.

Racing is often a lot of fun with Twisted Metal, especially with some of the more vibrant tracks and it allows many more dimensions for the gaming experience as a whole. I will say though that it isn’t anywhere near where it needs to be to completely succeed. Specifically, some of the races offer too much difficulty.

A lot of the difficulty has to do with the controls which can be extremely awkward at times, this has always been one of the issues with Twisted Metal, however, and like with previous installments, I think they can eventually be learned over time.

I know myself that I eventually became confident with them, but I understand that some might dislike the idea of having controls that feel so awkward that they need to be “gotten used to.” Graphics are drastically improved in this installment as I think everybody expected. After all, Twisted Metal: Head-On was released around seven years earlier on the PlayStation Portable, and remade on the PlayStation 2, both of which are inferior graphically to the PlayStation 3.

The storylines are fun and outlandish, whilst at the same time carrying a certain horror element to them, visuals are at an all-time high, and through the inclusion of racing and the overall improvement of battling itself, the installment has a whole lot more to do. It isn’t completely perfect, but it’s a strong title in the franchise and leaves me wanting more from it.

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Tomb Raider – A new face in town

Tomb Raider – A new face in town

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top imageLara Croft Tomb Raider: it’s a name we’ve been hearing for a long time. I first fell in love when I saw Angelina Jolie Ricocheting bullets off of cave walls and diving off cliffs in the Cradle of Life.

Of course others know the Tomb Raider series from the popular video games that had a major hand in making the Playstation popular in the 90s.

Since then the series has gone through two reboots after the disastrous Angel of Darkness installment and the need to redefine the character as a whole.

The new game series beginning with a title simply called “Tomb Raider” portrays Lara as different to the original one as possible. She isn’t the fearless, agile master of martial arts she was shown to be before.

She’s vulnerable, afraid and acts more out of necessity and desperation for survival rather than a sense of duty or her own goals. Last year on the 10th November, the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, was released and showed more of what we’ve come to expect from the reboot.

Instead of relying on her stellar combat skills and intense survival training, this Lara is out on a limb, literally. The gameplay reveal trailer shown her climbing a mountain that reminded me of the climb to Caradhras in Lord of the Rings.

There was thunder crackling, avalanches and intense cold, almost as if Saruman was commanding the wind to impede Lara’s journey.

This version of Lara Croft seems more Assassin’s Creed 3 than God of War 3. She’s surviving a vicious terrain, scouting for food, setting traps and running for her life.

There’s none of the old gun slinging acrobat we’ve come to know and love. However, as the trailer progresses, we see her realizing her purpose and feeling that she’s now sure of what she has to do.

img twoThe shorts and the ponytail and the sex appeal also don’t appear to the be the focus of the games anymore, though they are still present because of their trademark appeal.It’s more about a sense of desperation, fear and survival rather than being a badass.

This version of Lara seems more natural and real than her predecessor because she’s shown to slowly be coming in to her own rather than being born a badass.

Also, the survival activities such as foraging for food and setting traps for enemies and traversing a perilous terrain adds more to the experience than clearing a room full of bad guys.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider was released for the Xbox on November 10, 2015 as a timed exclusive. The game was also released for PC and many people confirmed that a PC version is much better than XBOX version (and PS4 also).

The reason is probably because they had time to fix the bugs that were present in the initial version. Thus, the overall gaming experience is a lot better on PC than on the consoles.

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An In-Depth Review Of The Bike Race Game

An In-Depth Review Of The Bike Race Game

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main image 1Created by Top Free Games, Bike Race is a mobile game that attracts millions of players worldwide, and they all enjoy riding their motorbike’s through the colorful worlds of this gaming edition.

The popularity of this game is rising day by day, and players can play Bike Race on Android and iOS devices.

The game has also recently been optimized for Facebook as well, which further boosted its visibility and availability for people who want to try their skills and guide their bikes successfully to the finish line.

The demand for game even directly influenced creating Bike Race Level Creator which speaks enough about the popularity of the game.

 As we all know, simplicity is usually a good thing in life, but it is not always easy to achieve a proper level of simplicity in many areas of human activity. However, Top Free Games based the entire concept of their new game on this aspect, and this made Bike Race a really straightforward game.

The gameplay of this title follows one main idea – to ride your bike as quickly as you can and to reach the finish line in the fastest manner. This is not so easy to accomplish if you do not know the track by heart and if you are not 100% familiar with all the quirks and obstacles “down the road.”

Therefore, Bike Race Hack online can significantly help you in your ambition of becoming the best motorcycle rider in the world, or at least in the virtual world of mobile games.

 It is an addition that comes with no viruses or bugs, but it brings many rewards and benefits, such as unlocking all bikes and all tracks, and so on. Sensitive controls make Bike Race a tough game to master, and helpful programs such as Bike Race Cheat Tool can significantly improve your results and playing experience.

2nd imageThe game is set in colorful and visually attractive worlds, and there are four thematic environments. From the dry desert, over the cold arctic tundra to the grassy savanna – many geographical areas are present in this game, and each of these worlds has eight different stages. With so many levels, it is easy to understand a player’s desire to go through all of them and to collect as many stars as possible.

Since this is a physics-based game, the controls are designed in a way that demands a precise understanding of the fundamental laws of physics and knowledge of how inertia or the G-forces operate.

Many hills and valleys will give riders an opportunity to perform high jumps and loops, and additional bonus points are awarded for every successful wheelie, back flip, front flip, or any similar stunt.

Bike Race has a very entertaining multiplayer mode, where you race against your opponent and try to beat his or her time on the track. With the use of a Bike Race Hack, you can have all the bikes unlocked, and this will mean that your starting position will be the same and that your opponent will not have some unfair advantage.

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Things you didn’t know about gaming

Things you didn’t know about gaming

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gaming facts imageFrom their first appearance video games were always interesting and entertaining to people; first, there were simple low-quality video games which were equally enjoyable as the ones we have today.

With time video games and technology got a lot better, and now you can even experience virtual reality.

Playing video games is a big part of everyday life nowadays, it has become almost impossible imagining life without it. No matter the age, everyone from toddler to pensioner can find the perfect video game for themselves.

During their development, technology and gaming passed through many different phases that led to the video games we have today.

During that development, many exciting gaming facts were discovered (such as the fact that gaming has multiple benefits for your psychological, social and overall health) and many anecdotes were written.

The sensitivity to movements you acquire throughout playing games can help you a lot in the real life. Fast decision-making possibilities, multitasking and navigating, are just some of the stuff gaming can improve.

Parents usually love to blame video games for their children’s unusual behavior, but you will be glad to know that it wasn’t always like that. When video games weren’t so popular, parents found something else to blame, one of these things was Dungeons and Dragons.

Some video games were developed according to real life events. Assassin’s Creed is one of them, every main character you kill is based on a real life person, just as the time and place of their murder.

Laws and regulations affecting gaming aren’t a common thing, but South Korea considers gaming a far-reaching activity, this is why it is unlawful for kids under 16 to play games after midnight. Which might be a good idea, that way kids can play games, but they will still be ready for school in the morning.

Brazil also has an interesting tax law concerning gaming; this country determined 120 percent taxes for any video game played since an old legislation considers it to be gambling.

gamers image 2Gamers are often emotionally connected to the video game characters. Some can even fall in love with those attractive female characters, some, however, love them as their kids. Robin Williams loved gaming so much that his children carry the names of game characters. Zelda and Cody, unique names for sure.

Whilst we are speaking of Robin, game designers found a way to fight depression. SPARX is a video game created to help fight this insidious disease, and recent studies showed it has better results than counseling.

Many parents are worried that gaming can cause violence; however, it isn’t entirely accurate. Gaming is said to have stress-relief benefits, making gamers calm and reasoned people.

However, we cannot say that gaming never caused violence, just the opposite, a 46-year-old man attacked a 13-year-old boy for killing him too many times in Call of Duty, and this happened not so long ago in 2011.

This case isn’t the only one, but we can surely say that games weren’t a trigger for this kind of behavior, so enjoy your games and don’t worry, violence cases like this are very rare.



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The Most Important Features Of A Laptop

The Most Important Features Of A Laptop

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computer equipment imageThe quest to find a good piece of computer equipment can be a tricky task, simply because the many options can be overwhelming and even frustrating, especially if the buyer is not entirely certain about what exactly he or she needs.

A lot of manufacturers and a lot of dealers are offering their products, and an ordinary customer can get confused by the vast amount of options, features, and specifications.

Buying a new laptop is a lot like that, and this “operation” can be completed in a successful manner only if you take the time to read a lot about the products and consider the most important attributes of laptop computers.

 Laptops are still growing in popularity, and the appearance of smartphones and tablets did not put the existence of portable computers in danger, as some “experts” have predicted.

Portability and the versatile nature of these machines are what makes them useful to people, and as long as they are needed and helpful – people will buy them.

However, not all laptops are the same, and the current technological market is crowded with companies that produce their own models and configurations. But, choosing a reputable brand is probably the best option, and this may be slightly expensive, but the investment will certainly prove wise in the long run.

Besides buying a branded laptop, there are other things to consider when buying one. For example, your new laptop should fit your budget, and this is one of the first checkpoints that you have to go through.

Finding a few candidates in your price range is a good way to go, and then later you can narrow the search in accordance to your needs and the performance of the device. Laptops can be very cheap and affordable, but some high-end machines can set you back a couple of thousand even.

computer equipment second imageAfter you have found some potential “candidates,” check if the size and weight of the laptop will suit your needs. It will be pointless, and extremely frustrating if you buy a laptop that is too heavy for your lap, and you only want to surf the web and check your friends Facebook page.

The same can be said if you buy a small machine, and you keep watching every possible episode of your favorite TV show on the small screen.

The performance of the laptop is important, of course, and you will have to consider the speed of the processor, the size of RAM or the capacity of your hard drive before making a purchase.

Having a fast and efficient machine is imperative if you use your laptop for work, but even if your plan on using it for some other activity – a responsive and reliable computer is a blessing.

Also, laptops nowadays come with all sorts of “extras”, and customers who want the perfect laptop should check if their new tech toy has all the necessary additions, such as USB ports, cameras, Wireless connection, and so on.

In the end, good looks matter as well, so your laptop should be attractive and as ergonomic as possible.

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